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As we come oh-so close to ending, we dedicate the penultimate episode to revisiting every season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Has it aged like a fine wine, or crumbled apart like dried blood?

Listen to You Total Cult E5. 87: Buffet of the Vampire Slayer here.


Previously on You Total Cult…

March brings a special joy as we touch base with a longtime supporter, and childhood friend, Buck Theorem. Oh, and we get down with Iggy Pop in a cowboy hat.

Listen to You Total Cult E5. 86: The Bucks Starts Here, uh, here.


Things went awry making with this episode – and that was before putting on Killing American Style. Oh well.

Listen to You Total Cult E5. 85: Firesale here.

We welcome 2019 by picking our most enjoyed, and least liked, entertainment from 2018. Go!

Listen to You Total Cult Ep. 84: So Long, 2019 here.

As a little Christmas present to you all, here is a smashing interview with Brighton’s own professional wrestler, Jordon Breaks.

Listen to You Total Cult Ep. 83: Jodon Breaks It Down here.

We kick off December with a eulogy to Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, before moving onto a some odd tales of our most memorable gig experiences in Brighton…

Listen to You Total Cult Ep. 82: Gigs and Gags here.

Halloween means horror movies: 31 in fact, as we tackle 31 horror movies over 31 days. (Kind of).

Listen to You Total Cult Ep. 81: 31 x The Pain here.

Blimey, we only went backstage at Wembley with PROGRESS Wrestling, didn’t we? Yeah we did.

Listen to You Total Cult Ep. 80: Hiya PROGRESS, Hello Wembley here.

Over the start of August, RIPTIDE Wrestling held a big tournament. YTC were there to chat to some of the talent involved and to catch up with fellow fans in order to provide this neat little time capsule of the event.

Listen to YTC presents… RIPTIDE: Made In Brighton right here.

New Zealand Power House, TK Cooper drops by for a chat. Keepin’ it 100, folks.

Listen to  Episode 78 here.

Older episodes of You Total Cult can be found in the Archives section, here.

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