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BLOG: YTC Episode XXXIII: Snap!

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I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but here in the United Kingdom, people with ginger hair tend to get picked on. I have seen this first hand via my own red-headed friends being insulted due to their locks. Of course this is a hate crime with no justification. The fact I *may* have mocked them myself- just a little bit- was always with love and sensitivity hidden inside of the barbed comments… Honest.


Mocking the ginger-haired people is not only discriminatory, but it is also downright foolish. For one thing Red hair seems to be associated with Viking and the Celtic genes- neither of whom are known for their social niceties.

In addition, a large source of modern red-heads seems to be the Scots and the Irish, and both of these nationalities have particular cultural reputations for being hard drinking hell raisers. Then of course you get the odd rock star like Josh Homme. Whether you dig his music or not, he’s around 65t 5 and looks like he knows his way around a bar fight.

Queen of the Stone Age indeed!

Tougher than all of these dangerous gingers though would be the character of Ginger. You know, as in ‘Ginger the werewolf’!


Long time readers (both of ‘em) will know my perchance for a good werewolf fable. My reasons for liking the furry beasts can be found in a previous entry.

One Lupine movie that I have been meaning to revisit again is the low budget Canadian flick, Ginger Snaps.

Taking a less supernatural route than say An American Werewolf In London, The Wolfman or Curse Of The Werewolf, Ginger Snaps treats the Werewolf curse as more like Hepatitis, an infection of the blood that can come from various means.

Uh… Not that I’d know, or anything.


Ginger Snaps takes this scientific concept of Lycanthrapy and mixes it with the sexualisation of teenagers. The film is not only about Werewolves, but also a coming-of-age story about a 15 year old girl, Ginger and her 14 year old sister, Brigitte.

Ginger Snaps opens with a dead dog scene, complete with a blood smeared child, a screaming parent and Dutch-Camera Angles. As the camera pushes past the canine corpse, it goes into the darkness of the kennel, and… we’re off!

What follows is a fantastic introductory sequence for the two main characters of the film, Ginger and Brigitte. These two sisters share wonderfully over-the-top teen angst talk to frame the whole film. This is the kind of conversations that are completely heartfelt from an insulated, teen perspective but that will also one day be looked back on through older, gritted teeth at their inane earnestness.


Sisters doing it for themselves

Here is some sample dialogue form Ginger and Brigitte from this opening. The sisters are alluding to a suicide pact in lieu of being tired of being misunderstood.

Ginger: Suicide is like… the ultimate ‘fuck you’! …”Out by sixteen or dead on the scene, but together forever”. C’mon! “Together forever…”

Brigitte: “…United against life as we know it”.

 Through just this dialogue, the two sisters are presented as archetype teens that are believable. Their simultaneous mix of sincerity and naivety is horrifyingly spot-on. This brief character set up then leads into the fabulous (yeah, I used that word) credits sequence. These credits present numerous fake suicides staged by the Sisters.

Teens always leave a mess in the bathroom

Ultimately these staged deaths are revealed to be a part of an art project at school, dismissed with their mothers angry line “I told you girls; No more deaths in the house!”

Given the earlier conversation between the two sisters, these credits suggest a much darker scenario has taken place. In effect, not only do the opening credits present a unique title sequence for Ginger Snaps, but they also set up the world of the protagonists, and thus the film, for the audience. Ginger and Brigitte live in a world that is in equal parts playful, misunderstood, creative, morbid and black humoured. Which is a pretty ideal place to be for a horror film audience!

The girls art piece proves to be unpopular with their teacher, and the girls retreat to their PE class. They play Field Hockey, presented as a literal battlefield for the teenage girls of the school.

Despite being despised and mocked as ‘the weirdos’ in their year, Ginger is also starting to become noticed by some of the boys. One of the local jocks, Jason, begins to hit on her. Despite Brigitte knocking Jason for even trying it on with Ginger, Ginger is obviously just a little bit flattered by her first brush with being desirable.

For reasons linked to their bullying, by the evening the girls end up out alone in a woodland. Ginger has just begun to experience menstruation, which rather unluckily for her attracts a giant Wolf. Pff, always the way. Attacked, Ginger is bitten but the two sisters manage to run away from the beast. As the sisters come across an intersection, a local drug dealer, Sam, accidentally runs over the pursuing Wolf I his van, killing it.

“This one comes witha free calender”

And so begins Ginger Snaps study of Ginger as she goes through a difficult physical transformation- no, not becoming a werewolf. Puberty.

The fact that Ginger’s first period led to their attack is the very first link between womanhood and werewolf-ism. In fact throughout the whole movie both Ginger and Brigitte refer to periods as ‘the Curse’. The fact the Wolf was defeated by a speeding van, rather than a silver bullet, also presents the beasts as dangerous but not necesarilly supernatural.

The remainder of Ginger Snaps is a fun mixture of these two aspects, sexualisation and science. Without breaking down the entire movie, as Ginger becomes more animalistic in her daily life she becomes ferocious and sexual. Brigitte, feeling even more alone, withdraws into a world of research with the drug dealer Sam. Together the seek a cure for Werewolf effects via botany.

It is the journey of both characters that allow the film to show the progression of female teens in society. Ginger worries about her looks and reputation (“I can’t have a hairy chest!”) as she begins to embrace her control of men via her looks. Brigitte is dismissed as childlike by Ginger for focusing on books and for net yet having started her own menstrual cycle.

Although both sisters are going down opposite routes in life, they are presented as being equally limited within their own social structure as to ow they are viewed by the rest of the world. As Ginger says;

Ginger:“A girl can only be a slut, a bitch, a tease, or the virgin next door.”

(Sponsorship welcomed!)

Ginger, aside from a few murders here and there, has only really acted like Jason and the jocks so far as her classmates know. Yet she is now burdened with a slutty reputation. Brigitte has done nothing but work hard with Sam, and she is gaining her own reputation somewhere between being a tease and a virgin. Ginger Snaps shows not only the difficulties of women changing physically, but also the emotional toll of new peer groups/judgements caused by how they react to hitting puberty.

Even ignoring sex as a Wereolf-conceit, the Werewolf infection also allows Ginger to express feelings of frustration and powerlessness ripe at a teen age.

Ginger:“I get this ache… And I, I thought it was for sex, but it’s to tear everything to fucking pieces.“


Maybe she’s born with it… maybe it’s Maybeleine

Comparing Ginger’s now very present anger and strength to the early scene in the bedroom is quite interesting. Whereas the girls formerly discussed suicide as a form of protest, they have now moved on. They have both grown up enough to go beyond such theatrical melodrama. Ginger is now taking her anger out on the world, but Brigitte is finding a inner will for survival through independence.

The clarim that this is a completely female-centric film is furthered throughout the film by the girls mother completely dismissing her husband. Everything she says or does is ‘for her girls’ and she insists that all men ‘only want one thing’.

In fact all of the male characters are fairly sidelined. The character of Sam is prominent throughout the narrative, but the motive for his attempts to help are questionable, and his effectiveness virtually non-existent. When both Sam and Brigitte square up against an enraged Ginger in Wolf form, Brigitte is the quick thinker who keeps them alive. Sam is…. dead meat, so to speak.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em

Meanwhile Jason, the jock who went after Ginger, has contacted a form of STD from her when she essentially raped him. The men on display are either untrustworthy or at least ineffective.

We’ve al peed blood, right guys…? Right?!?!

Make no mistake regarding the content of the film though, this is all delivered fairly smoothly. Ginger Snaps is not some dry biology study. First and foremost a quick-witted horror-comedy.

Despite its clever appropriation of Werewolf’s as a metaphor for female puberty, it is still an piece of entertainment designed for horror fans- not just feminist theorists. The sharp dialogue alone is proof enough of this. To my mind, Ginger Snaps true success is that is a film largely made by women, about women but for everyone.

Oh, and one final note. Ginger Snaps features a TERRIBLE looking Werewolf. The film was low budget, and it is nearly 15years old. So that is kind of understandable, but really it is craptacular. Even so, as with many special effects these days it is still more engaging to watch this awful prop wobble on camera than any form of CGI. This is of course an old argument in film circles, but it’s still a point worth repeating; there is just no substitute for charm. Particularly in horror comedies.

Hungry like the wolf

Anyhoo, that’s enough about Ginger and Brigitte. Unless I choose to write about the undervalued sequel of course… meh,maybe. But probably not the so-so prequel.

Next Time I’ll be writing about Rooby Rooby Roo.

Thanks for reading,


You Total Cult Ep.7: FrightFest The 13th

You Total C*nt?!?

Craig and Mike break their FrightFest cherries working for FrightFest TV. Here’s a behind the scenes look at what went on featuring contributions from Chris, Phil, Stuart Barr, Steve Blackwell and the inimitable Billy Chainsaw as well as a few directors and film makers who clearly didn’t know what a shambles this podcast truly is.



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BLOG: YTC_Hollyweird: Episode N/A: What Happens At FrightFest Stays At FrightFest

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The blog below was under an older name of Hollyweird. I have kept the numbering the same so that I could keep track of my posts, but this is where it all begin back in the heyday of 2012…



This entries title is a blatent lie as I am about to do a quick update on my last week.


I’ve now been awake nearly 30hours and I am rather hungover. Consequently I am doing this post with brevity via a mental haze of confusion. Of course, whether being up 30hours and stupidly drunk is a sign of a good festival or a problematic one is a little too close a call for me to make…

So in no particular order here are a few misc. things from helping to film Frightfest The 13th!!!


“Wanna buy a peg?”

A right pair of old Cults

http://www.facebook.com/YouTotalCult is now officially cleared by Simon Pegg. Craig had a word and we were fine to rip off the Spacedhttp://www.facebook.com/YouTotalCult pun. Which is just as well since we would have kept it anyway.

Maggot- Baby, the other, OTHER white meat.


2) Finally saw the most complete version of Nightbreed available. At a mighty 160mins, Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut is a fascinating vision at how much was butchered from the released version- but it is also a fascinating to relaise that some of it should have been! This version is way too long and repetitive at the end, but there’s not doubt that the new first half is a vastly superior version of the film.




Hungry Like The Wolf

Werewolves seem to be cropping up a lot lately. Only a few weeks after my Werewolf post, and my new werewolf tattoo, I en d upfilming Sean ‘Dog Soldiers’ Pertwee and interviewing ‘Katherine ‘Ginger Snaps’ Isabelle. Both were lovely, but bonus points for Katherine because I’ve had a crush on her for years. Sadly she’s deeply in love with hey boyfriend, otherwise I think she would have pounced on me. Maybe. Possibly. Right…..?



This would be before I massively cocked up the filming of the first interview. And the third.


Depsite my dubious Camerman (sorry, ‘Camera Person’) skills, that was my main duty over th week. However in a moment of madness, Jen asked me if I wanted to do the actual on-Camera interviews at the media wall. Given my general arrogance I said ‘sure’. It was only when Intewrviewed actors of American Mary that I realised I actually had no questions prepared. Whoops…………….. Cue lots of panicked flaffing as I talked crap and vaguely led them to make interesting comments without any actual questions. Still, actor John Emmet Tracy came up me at the after party and thanked me so I can confirm he is quite the classy gent.

Still, at least I’d seen their film! interviewing Jenniffer Lynch without seeing her new film, Chained, was a bit tougher. Fortunately Jenniffer was super-lovely and we got through it via me contsabntly bringing up her last film, Surveilance. Because,well, I’d seen it.

5, 6, 7 etc.)

Billy Chainsaw is still, as ever, the man.

I really need to go out for some food and fizzy pop I’m just going to put a few bits and bobs now.

– The crew were awesome. Crews usually are since you’re working long hours for buger all. Ta dude and dudettes.

– I didn’t get to see many films with the amount of work on, but I was lucky to acatch a few. Particular highlights of upcoming films are

Maniac– disturbing but unique. Elijah Wood is hitting a career-high point between this and his work on Wilfred.

Berberian Sound Studio– incredibly filmed and astounding to experience. However I’d say it makes its one point repeatedly and that took me out of it whilst I waited for it to end anfter an hour.

Sinister– A very generic haunted house/possession film, but really well crafted. Scary when it needs to be, funny when it’s supposed to be and starring total-due Ethan Hawke makes this a very solid watch.

American Mary– Body-mod horror. This stood out by a mile in a festival of rapists, ghosts and slashers depsite having two of those elements. Unique and interesting but not for eveyone.

– Big thanks to my sister Debra for putting me up despite my coming and going at 5am.

– Greg Nictoerro and Steven Barker were great guys to film. Really approachable and took their time to just chill and tell stories, oh and Steve gave signed DVD’s to the crew of Outpost II. Only guy to give us anything depsite being one of the less fmaous interviews. Top bloke!

– The Twisted Sisters story. Only those there will ever know…..

– It was pretty cool to see my name on the Empire’s massive screen when the interview segments were put on. It even cooler to note that Craig had not in fact listed me as C*ntface, as threatened.



The catering sucked.

I have no doubt that I am missing a heck of a lot of stuff here. But hell, if you want more then volunteer to help film the damn thing yourselves!