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BLOG: YTC_Hollyweird: Episode N/A: Made You Look!

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The blog below was under an older name of Hollyweird. I have kept the numbering the same so that I could keep track of my posts, but this is where it all begin back in the heyday of 2012…


This week I am off to help film FrightFest. Consequently there won’t be enough time for a blog reaching my usual standards. (Take that however you want).

So instead I thought that I would use a brief Frightfest inspired interlude to share a few Horror-themed moments from my life.

Halloween 2008 I think. Shop Smart, Shop S-MJ.


Halloween 2009. You can’t beat a bit of leather.


Halloween 2010; Dr Herbert Smith, MD


Not Halloween, just a good ol’ regular Friday 13th.


LEGEND. I couldn’t afford a book so I just told him he was the man.


One ugly motherfucker. And a Predator.


Clawing at Robert Englund


Getting ‘Bob’ to draw a Freddy on my leg….


… which was this. I fixed the hat, added a claw and background and then got it tattooed.


Meeting the Lord of Pain, Doug Bradley


Bob Keen was responsible for the creatures in Jedi, Nightbreed and Hellraiser- and possibly has demon-babies living in his mighty beard.


Tom Noonan. You may know him as Kane from Robocop2, or The Tooth Fairy from Manhunter. I know him as Frankenstein from The Monster Squad!!!


It must have been tough at school called Neil Gaiman/Kneel Gay-man


Not strictly horror, but this Two-Face costume was too awesome not to put in here


These two didnt know each other; this was during a Zombie March, a kid spotted Santa and got excited. One of the best things I’ve seen.


And finally, for true horror try experiencing an infected tattoo. Mmmm…. leaky gooy!


Thanks for… viewing.