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You Total Cult Ep. 80: Hiya PROGRESS, Hello Wembley

At the end of September 2018, PROGRESS Wrestling ran a show in Wembley Arena… and somehow we got backstage! It was a bit like in the JCVD movie, Sudden Death, just without fighting criminals.


YTC_Ep.-80-Hiya-PROGRESS-Hello-Wembley.mp3 (53 downloads)


More information on PROGRESS can be found on their website, and the show at Wembley can be seen on their streaming service, Demand Progress.

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You Total Cult Ep.67: Rip It Up and Start Again

Something was brewing this episode, and for once it wasn’t Rich’s cup of tea. Join us as we prepare Rich for his first ever live professional wrestling experience at Riptide Wrestling: The Storm. We also have a second interview with Riptide’s promoter, Josh Bevan about music, performers and karaoke.

YTC-EP.67-Rip-It-Up-and-Start-Again.mp3 (114 downloads)


Riptide Wrestling can be followed via this Facebook page, and their shows can be watched via their VOD service.

More information on Josh Bevan can be found on his personal website, https://www.joshbevan.co.uk, and examples of his music can be experienced on his Soundcloud page.

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