A Quick Welcome To You Total Cult

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Welcome to You Total Cult-not just a website but a state of mind! Actually that’s crap- it really is a website indipill.com.

BUT it is a website that features a both a blog and a podcast dedicated to films, video games, comics, books, music and television that either is ‘cult’ or was when we were growing up. (Let’s face it, games comics and the like are now mainstream, but we like to think we have a leg up on the general masses having been nerds all our lives).


All of the YTC blogs and podcasts can be found in the menus on the left. These are still being finalised, so please bear it in mind if some links seem to lead to dead ends.


For now all previous podcasts can be found under, well, ‘Podcasts’ and the Blogs are under ‘YTC Blogs’.

The blogs can also be found via browsing the month they were first published.

The podcasts are also available currently on feedburner, RSS and itunes.

You can also follow MJ on Twitter ( @You_Total_Cult )

We can be ‘liked’ via our Facebook page, although feel free to just like us in the old fashioned way. We’re quite nice.

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