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You Total Cult’s Origins; A Brief History Of Time and Spaced

-“There’s been a misprint with one of our magazines.”

-“Which one?”

-“Total Cult.”

British TV show Spaced is endlessly quotable, but this particular gem ended up inspiring two broke and bored house mates to start a podcast. To avoid copy write issues they added a ‘You’ to the beginning to create ‘You Total Cult’ and BOOM! A new era of entertainment had begun.

Well, not exactly. In fact, that may be stretching things a *wee* bit.

The accurate part is that former house mates Craig Ennis and MJ Smith did indeed start a both a podcast and separate blogs thanks to a little help from their friends, Chris and Phil (see below).

As time marched on and life got in the way, the You Total Cult  podcast evolved to feature more co-hosts, and now this website is the hub for all of the YTC activity.

Proof that from small acorns, weedy Oak trees can indeed grow!



Purely to name drop for geek points, Craig met Simon Pegg and ended up getting the You Total Cult name cleared for our use.

Photo c/o http://www.expressandstar.com/news/2013/03/06/film-star-simon-pegg-taking-legal-action-over-bars-claim-of-live-appearance/

Cheers, Si. Between the name approval and the signed DVD, you’re pure fried gold to us, pal!




Regular Contributors

The following are the key contributors to the You Total Cult podcast.

MJ Smith


…Too much of a boy for crazy town, and too crazy for boy town…

MJ runs this site, is a co-founder and co-host of the You Total Cult  podcast and is the writer behind the You Total Cult blog.

He is also incommunicado during full moons.

Craig Lakin Ennis


Film maker, educator, husband, father, raconteur… It’s no wonder that original co-creator of You Total Cult has had to take a step back from being the regular co-host!

Still a valid member of the team though, Craig subs-on when time allows and still scores the golden goal every now and again for the YTC team with his pithy put downs and well-honed insight.

Craig can be followed on Twitter here and his former blogs can be found here.


Jennifer Eiss


Published author,  best-selling book editor and award winning film maker, Ms. Eiss may seem a little out of YTC’s league. Luckily she is happy to slum it with us.

Some of Jen’s literary musings can be found on her own website, and some of her general musings can be found on her Twitter page.


Andy J.

The only known photo of Andy J. cost the photographer their life.
The only known photo of Andy J. cost the photographer their life.


A man of mystery hailing from parts unknown. Nobody knows much of this ‘Andy’ beyond a voice. A foul-mouthed, profanity-led voice that shares with and wisdom on the podcast. Resident DC Comics expert (i køb cialis uden recept.e. he reads more than just Batman) Mr Andy J. is a welcome addition to our podcast-pantheon of talent.


Mr. Rich aka Rich Byrom-Colburn


Some say he is more facial hair than man. Twisted and evil… Others say he is a lovely bloke with a keen eye for a good movie, and a keener eye for a his lovely wife. All we know is he turns up and sounds energetic.

Special Thanks

No product is  an island, except perhaps a toy island. The YTC podcast could not exist without some additional, key supporters. So here’s a nod to them kind folks.

Chris And Phil

Podcast #100 - Mike Flanagan and Brenton Thwaites interviews plus X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Cheap Thrills, PULP: A Film About Life, Death And Supermarkets, Oculus, Willow Creek and Nashville

Where would You Total Cult be without Chris and Phil from Chris And Phil Present, eh?  Oh sure, geographically we would be in the same place. Financially there has been no change.  There is in fact now much less free time now than before… but hey, creatively You Total Cult wouldn’t really exist at all without them.

They gave us the very chance to blog and podcast via their own site, and so much thanks and praises needs to go their way.

Click here to see the original site from the men behind the men- though that is not in a ‘Shawshank’ manner.


James Eastwood

James Eastwood’s avatar

James Eastwood composed our rather funky little intro tune, which is easily the most professional aspect to each and every episode.

For more of James’ rather excellent musicianship, please check out any of the following links.

-For solo-recordings check out here.

-For dark pop-songs that bubble under the soul,  you can hear James’ band Lunar Engine here.

– For some of that new-fangled mix of video footage with sounds that the MTV-ees of the world used to show, here is chance to see some footage of the Lunar Engine.


Arcadian Rhythms


Fellow writers and oral experts, Arcadian Rhythms run a site and podcast dedicated to gaming and aspects of its culture. For anyone after some in depth views on this art form, go ahead and check them out.

Some of the ‘You-Rhythmics’ lot have been kind enough to appear on some episodes of the YTC podcast, and in turn MJ has appeared on some of their own shows, too. (I’m talking about ‘synergy’ people- it’s the future for us all).


…And The Rest!

There are numerous other contributors to the podcast that have appeared on some of the recordings. Although not named individually in this entry, thank you all for your additions.



A final acknowledgement is that the background image used in the header page is not mine. It was obtained from a free-image site for open use in non-profit media. Unfortunately I cannot cite the owner due to some lost information here, but if the owner recognises it and wishes credit please get in touch. Thank you.

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