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Join our D&D party as we tackle a special, one-shot adventure. Although this is split over three episodes, it was all recorded in one session.

Join our quest as a selfish Tiefling rogue, a deluded Luchador-Monk, a Dragonborn ranger and his zombified house cat all tackle a deadly gameshow.

You Total Cult: Ep.72 Dungeons & Dorks PART 1

You Total Cult: Ep.72 Dungeons & Dorks PART 2

You Total Cult: Ep.72 Dungeons & Dorks PART 3


Previously on You Total Cult…


Is it an Alien movie? Or a Terminator movie? Neither! It’s an Alienator movie! Listen in as we discuss Alienator, and additionally cover a Batman vs Two-Face animated movie.

Listen to  Episode 71 right here.

It’s the end of 2017. Time to pick our favourite entertainment and our most despised entertainment from the year.

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Mike Patton. Freaks. Murder. Sex.

No, it’s not a new Mr. Bungle song. It’s the underground movie, Firecracker! Join us as we dissect it this very episode.

Listen to  Episode 69 right here.

Older episodes of You Total Cult can be found in the Archives section, here.





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