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We start September off on a sad note as we bid farewell to both George A. Romero and Tobe Hooper. Then we proceed onto a somewhat weirder note as we review a movie featuring a trainee ninja vs the KKK.

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Previously on You Total Cult…

Joining us for a very special interview is Jim Smallman. Jim is a professional comedian, a voice-over artist, and the face of PROGRESS wrestling, possibly the hottest indie-wrestling promotion in the world right now. He is also devoted to living straight edge, and a loving a husband and father.

Luckily for us, he never sleeps hence we still got some time with him.

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Twin Peaks isn’t justĀ  a fictional place; It’s a state of mind… and apparently a 1991 board game. Join us as we tackle this challenge alongside three additional, brave souls. We also cover our thoughts on Season 3 of the show in a spoiler-free manner.

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The podcast gods smiled on us this month a June brings two whole episodes. Oddly, both episodes are linked by Tuaca. We need to investigateĀ  a sponsorship deal…


Just what is Riptide Wrestling? How does it encompass beer, bands and wrestling? Join us for a interview with promoter Josh Bevan to find out.

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Join us this June for a special travelogue episode. Our man abroad- Mr. A.J.- stops by to tell us about his varied experiences across Europe, America, Thailand and Canada (or is it Quebec..?).

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