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It’s the end of 2017, which can only mean one thing; Time to pick our favourite entertainment and our most despised entertainment from the year.

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Previously on You Total Cult…

Mike Patton. Freaks. Murder. Sex.

No, it’s not a new Mr. Bungle song. Why it’s the underground movie, Firecracker! Join us as we dissect it this very episode.

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Halloween. Yay! Time to recommend some seasonal entertainment and kick back with some slasher-based reading…

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October gets off to an action packed start as Rich enters a world of babyoil and biceps. But that’s enough about his personal life, what is relevant here is  that Rich attends his first ever professional wrestling show!

We are joined once more by local wrestling promoter, Josh Bevan for another peek into his world of Riptide Wrestling.

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We start September off on a sad note as we bid farewell to both George A. Romero and Tobe Hooper. Then we proceed onto a somewhat weirder note as we review a movie featuring a trainee ninja vs the KKK.

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Joining us for a very special interview is Jim Smallman. Jim is a professional comedian, a voice-over artist, and the face of PROGRESS wrestling, possibly the hottest indie-wrestling promotion in the world right now. He is also devoted to living straight edge, and a loving a husband and father.

Luckily for us, he never sleeps hence we still got some time with him.

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